Top 5 reasons for visiting Tonga

Top 5 reasons why you should visit Tonga today


5. Climate

Number 5 on the list is Tonga’s climate! Who doesn’t love tropical weather? Even in winter you get some beautiful sunny weather. This alone brings many many people to the Tongan shores.


4 Culture:

Enjoy the culture and traditions of this beautiful country, amazing traditional floor shows performed by the most enthusiastic, passionate people who call the kingdom of Tonga their home.


3. Tonga Time:

It’s time to put away your iphones and laptops and just embrace Tonga time! After coming from a busy and fast paced life, Tonga can sometimes feel like slow motion, and it is so wonderful! Feel yourself de-stress and unwind in an idyllic location


2. Tonga’s beautiful people

The people that you will meet in Tonga are absolutely beautiful souls and they will be a huge reason that will keep you coming back again and again.


1. The Whales! 

The majestic humpback whales visit Tonga during the months of July-October every year. You will never ever forget the moments spent watching these precious gentle giants


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