Let us take you swimming with whales.

An experience you'll remember for life.

Do as much or as little as you like

You can be as active or as relaxed as you like when it comes to your experience with Majestic Whale Encounters. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy yourself while you’re there, or you can simply kick-back in-between your time with the whales.

Our two styles of tours will have different activities to offer. Please note that our Eco Tours on Uoleva do not include Bike riding or the petroglyphs. However do include champagne breakfast, island hops and beach movie nights!


Cultural Coast

You won’t find a television set or nightclub at our resorts , but you may come across a group of musicians playing the ukulele and singing and people dancing traditional dances.
We organize these dances from time to time to give our guests the opportunity to see and hear the beautiful singing and dancing of traditional Tongan culture.  This is not a staged tourist show, but living culture with the people you meet every day in the village, some of whom work at our resort.


Visiting the local school

While you’re here we can organise for you to walk down to the local primary school to meet the beautiful children of the village of Faleloa

School Children Tonga

School Children Tonga



Both single and tandem bikes are available for you to explore the island. The local village is only 14 kilometres from the resort, or you can visit some of the local markets and cafes for an afternoon. The choice is yours.



Scuba diving and snorkel trips

Full and half-day scuba-diving courses and adventures run daily from the island to some of the regions top dive sites. You can undertake a dive course if you aren’t accredited, or you can pick up some snorkelling gear if you prefer to remain close to your bungalow. Trips to Tonga’s top dive sites  leave daily (except Sundays).

In the lagoon in front of your fale in Foa is some of Tonga’s best snorkeling, equipment is available if needed.




You can find some great fishing directly off the end of the beach.



Foa Petroglyph Archeological site

Just steps from Matafonua Lodge at the southern end of the beach lies an archaeological site that dates back as far as 1200AD. There are over 50 carvings in the area that are absolutely exquisite and certainly raise some questions as to what was going on in the area at this time. A must for history buffs!


Bush Walking

Bushwalking trails criss-cross much of the island, offering incredible views across the ocean, secluded private beaches and beautiful rainforest backdrops for you to while away the day.



Much smaller than the boats you’ll be in for your whale swim adventures, you can use the kayaks to explore small deserted islands and lagoons right off the shore of your beachside bungalow.

Beach Horseriding

We offer beach riding to those who are up for the challenge. Nothing more beautiful than a horse ride along the beach at sunset



Volcano Visit

The volcano of Tofua is an active volcano that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It’s a natural wonder that has to be seen to be believed. Speak to us today to reserve your tour spot early as places fill fast

Please note the volcano tour takes approximately 3 days

Tongatapu Day Tours

We now offer day tours on the main island. Enjoy a half day learning the history of Tonga and visiting some landmarks, and of course checking out the beautiful scenery. Ask us for more details .





In the Kingdom of Tonga, there is a different understanding of time! In fact, there was no word for “time” in Tongan so they borrowed the word from English and coined the Tongan term taimi. It is something every Tongan has plenty of – no one is in a hurry!

So slow down, adapt to the island pace and enjoy soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. Listen to the lull of the waves and the leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. Stroll along the deserted beach and marvel at the endless horizon.

At certain times of the season we offer the ultimate in relaxation-massage. Please let us know if you would like the ultimate in pampering during your stay.

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