Let us take you swimming with whales.

An experience you'll remember for life.

Where are we?

Why Choose Ha’apai?

Tonga is situated in the idillic South Pacific roughly 3,500kms ENE of Sydney, Australia. It is a very short 30-40min domestic flight from the mainland Tongatapu. Foa is a pristine island in the Ha’apai group and is well known for its superb white beaches at the northern tip, which are widely regarded as the best in Tonga.You can snorkel and swim right off the beach at all tides.

Connected by a causeway south of Foa is Lifuka, Pangai the capital of the Ha’apai group. Its population is around 3000. This is where the local airport is.

A 20min drive north to the tip of the island sits a beautiful reef which is where your beautiful resort awaits

For our Eco tours we take you to a small tranquil island called Uoleva (30mins by boat from the main town -Pangai)

Ha’apai has been blessed with the fact that it is still a secret…shhhhh! It has very little tourism, there are no busy crowds and this applies when on the water as well as in the villages and the resorts. There are only five whale swimming operators in the whole of the Ha’apai islands and it is unusual that you come across any one else whilst on the water with the whales. Other destinations in Tonga can become rather crowded which takes away from the experience with the whales.

In Ha’apai we operate with the utmost respect and love of the whales. We want the whales to return year after year and for their impressions of human interactions positive ones.



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