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17 October 2013


Swimming with whales Tonga

Swimming with whales Tonga



The whales really turned it on for us this year! The Whale

Swimming was spectacular, the scenery was breathtaking

and there was some amazing new memories made…

The whales turned out in great numbers to Tonga this season. Many of the same whales frequented the same places. It was wonderful to see familiar mothers and calves happy to return to see us again. ..

The calves from the previous season now very inquisitive and playful at the top of the water with our swimmers as mum rests below coming up for the occasional blow or turn of her pecs.

Many groups of males also making their appearance in numbers of up to 5 or 6 as they vie for the females attention, like poetry in motion.

And then there were the bottom dwelling male singers, hanging motionless upside down with there hauntingly beautiful songs to be heard thousands of kms away.

An amazing time was had by all our guests and we want to thankyou for letting us show you how amazing the islands and people of Tonga and of course the Whales really are. We loved every minute of our time with you. You were all such fantastic groups and we would love to see you back here again!

For those of you who haven’t heard we are now offering liveabaord options on the gorgeous yacht Wild Life

For the serious ocean dwellers and whale swimmers amongst you. This is perfect way to

spend alot more quality time swimming (and sleeping) with the whales while sailing the serene islands of Ha’apai!

If you are interested in joining us on our 2014 season PLEASE email us at

We are filling up fast! And I would hate for anyone to miss out on living their dream!!

Happy Whale Tails xxxxxxxxxx

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Swimming with whales Tonga

Swimming with whales Tonga

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