Whale Swim Experience..

There were indeed some great whale swims.! The last day was probably the most spectacular with 4 males deciding to hang around the boat and show off. They swam past us a few times and were amazingly close. I think they were just as interested in us as we were in them. Two of them were doing synchronised skyhopping and synchronised breaching. They could have been in  a giant water ballet!

A mother humpback seemed to be dozing or just chilling out while her calf swam up and down to the surface intermittently. The baby swam very close to us and the water had good visibility. It was my first whale encounter since arriving in Foa so of course it was thrilling. It was possibly the best swimming encounter for me with a whale while I was on Wayward Wind.

The third day was one of the best whale watching days ever (according to Mat) He said, “” it doesn’t get much better than that!” A mother and calf were spotted early in the morning and so we spent a lot of time with them. There were also a few other whales around in that area as well. At the end of our time with the mother, she did an enormous breach not far in front of us which took everyone by surprise. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’d just turned around in the water at the crucial moment and missed it.

Overall , it was a unique experience not to be missed (not for the faint hearted, however) Sandy Beach Resort was extremely comfortable and in a beautiful location. The food was mostly freshly caught lobster and parrot fish! What can I say?

Thank-you again for all you planning on my behalf. I really appreciate it.


Cheryl Greentree