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Travelling with Majestic Whale Encounters, was, in short, nothing short of superlative. Sarah and Nathan did everything within their power to ensure that we had a fantastic, stress-free holiday – they left nothing to chance and took care of absolutely everything on our behalves. They were friendly, welcoming, professional, great company, and really good fun. They had great local knowledge which they were happy to share to increase our enjoyment of the trip.

We will treasure these memories forever and are so grateful for all they did to ensure this unforgettable experience in a spectacular location. If you have ever thought that you might like to swim with humpback whales, we couldn’t recommend Majestic Whale Encounters highly enough as the right people to help you live your dream.

Libby Topp 2016 Tour


‘Swimming with whales, the adventure in searching for them, the emotions excitement as I watched them close and far- all up in my top 5 best life experiences (perhaps top 3) and such a naturally beautiful and comfy setting. I felt spoilt. ‘

‘Thank you everyone I had a wonderful time and will be sharing it with my world! ‘

Tracy Withers 2016 Tour


I have travelled to nearly every corner of the earth and experienced every kind of wildlife adventure I can- but NOTHING compares to the beauty of the humpback whale. The feeling of joy and exhilaration you experience when interacting with these animals is indescribable!

Carmen and Matt were amazing guides, always there to help us, they invited me into their family and made me feel a part of it. I will never forget them or the whales or this amazing trip of a lifetime



Horse riding

Bruce Jacobson (Sydney)

 We toured with Majestic Whale Encounters in 2014 and had an amazing time, it exceeded all our expectations. The beach was the most beautiful beach we had ever traveled to and our beachside bungalows were incredible , this alone would have been enough for us.

But! Then we had the chance to have several swims with the humpback whales and this really blew our minds. The feeling you have when swimming with something so large and beautiful. It was totally surreal and its so hard to explain but they seem very ancient and very wise. That moment a mother humpback looks you in the eye is truly unforgettable.

We will have no hesitation in recommending Majestic to all of our friends and we intend to come again. We are very interested in the Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour. If its put together anywhere near as perfect as our Tonga experience we will once again be very happy travellers. A huge thumbs up!

Amazing colours

Peter and Kay (Sydney)

Talk about living my ultimate dream! I still feel like Im dreaming after the most amazing experience with Carmen and Matt and the whales in Ha’apai Tonga. From the moment we took the most breath taking scenic flight  to landing in the tiny Ha’apai island we knew we were in for the experience of a lifetime! Our accommodation at Sandy Beach was fantastic and the reef we snorkelled daily right in front of our bungalows was incredible. The beautiful turquoise waters of Ha’apai blew our mind, not to mention what we were there for..THE WHALES! omg the whales! They were magical. an indescribeable beauty that you need to see to believe. We had whale watched many times before  but NOTHING compares or comes anything close to snorkelling under water and being alongside them. This is a memory that will live in my heart forever. Thankyou Majestic Whale Encounters for making those dreams a reality for me I will be eternally grateful…

Tess Parker (Melbourne)

Humpback Whale Fluke



The people, the place, the whales…we were blown away with our visit to Tonga and the many amazing experiences we had with the whales. It was the trip of a lifetime for our family of four. 

Majestic Whale Encounters looked after us as though we were part of their family and we will return again and again.

Thanks guys

The Shellbornes (B.C. Canada)

Love whales tonga


Seriously one of the most memorable, touching moments so far.
To be able to watch a mum and calf interaction so personally is mindblowing. This was my dream, and I was fortunate to be part of a few memorable swims that I can relive this dream when I watch our footage. There is so much more to see, I cannot wait to get back to Tonga, its a whale heaven.

Garry -the guides knowledge was incredible, he knew their behaviours and what they would do next. I learnt so much about whales just by being in the environment and him filling us in along the way. I highly regard the fact that you respect the whales and their wishes if they do not wish to swim with us. Its about them, and its a real privilege to be part of their world.

Carmen and Matt were always present when we needed things, followed up things and were great to hang out with! I felt supported should I have needed anything and knew we could talk to them if anything came up.

I don’t think i need to say anymore haha! Thank you so much for sharing this magical experience with us


Megan Morris (VIC)

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